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Shane Delany

Welcome. I'm Shane Delany, co-owner of Libertas Infinity. 

My experience and training as a Cartographer in the Survey Corps in the Australian Army provided a solid foundation for my career in the Mining and Exploration industry, which began in the late 1980s well before GIS was even a thing! Over the years, I've worked extensively with spatial data and have been involved in and experienced the evolution of mapping technology, from traditional ink and paper-based maps thru to the development of today's advanced digital solutions, essential in meeting current industry requirements and client demands.

Libertas Infinity Pty Ltd was formed in 2018, the brainchild of myself and my colleague, Lee White, who is an experienced and knowledgeable Mining/Mechanical Engineer. Lee is an invaluable member of the Libertas team assisting in management and administration and offering a clear vision and direction for our group. We envisioned an opportunity to build and grow a spatial data services group that could expand, compliment and support both existing services and provide affordable services to both established operations and start-ups that were presenting themselves within the industry.

Cameroon, Central-West Africa: January 2015: On location at Kienke River for Sundance Resources for a cadastral mine to port railway project (DUP) with Shane, Lee, and an indigenous Baka on a makeshift canoe.

Over time our team has steadily grown and developed from a variety of experiences while working on a wide range of projects across various commodities, including gold, nickel, base metals, REE's, salt, potash, iron ore, mineral sands, and more. Our staffs expertise includes geology, environmental science, engineering, GIS, cartography, and geological database management. We are experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, specialising in the delivery of services tailored to the needs of mining and exploration. 

Libertas Infinity's services are customised to each client's project. We are dedicated to delivering quality services targeted to your specific needs and we have the knowledge and practical expertise to provide comprehensive support throughout all stages of project development. Based in Subiaco, Western Australia we have the flexibility to provide services onsite, at our office, or from your office, depending on what works best for you.

We take pride in our focus on customer satisfaction and repeat business, and our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for consistently exceeding our clients' expectations. Our team are available to discuss how our services can make a difference to your project.

Our Partners

Libertas Infinity is a part of a wider group of companies and individuals that form together offering complimentary services when working together on a project. 

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