Web Mapping and Cloud-Based GIS Systems

There is a lot going on behind the interface of our web maps!

Libertas have a well designed, cloud-based GIS system stack sourcing spatial data from a corporate database that can be connected from QGIS anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity. Data is stored on an enterprise database that has security measures and safeguard backups with data hosted in Australia, which complies as an ASX requirement. Our GIS system is an ideal system-stack for mining & exploration juniors and mid-caps ofter with linking multiple projects based in Australia and worldwide offering the same capability as commercial enterprise GIS systems that only large organisations and mining companies can afford.

Simplified Cloud Based GIS Model

Above is a simplified model that outlines our vision for a cloud-based GIS system utilising Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). This data is stored in a corporate database being the “single source of truth” for GIS information that is accessed by multiple users with multi editing capability.

QGIS for GIS Technical users

QGIS software serves as our desktop GIS software of choice for creating and updating GIS datasets, which are then uploaded to a well-organized enterprise PostGIS database and stored on the cloud. This PostgreSQL database is spatially enabled using the PostGIS extension allowing for efficient storage and management of spatial data. Multiple GIS Technical users can access this data from anywhere in the world, provided they have internet access either within the country or at a site or head office located elsewhere.

Web Maps for Non-Technical Users

A web map interface is a powerful tool for viewing your company's GIS data. Our team at Libertas Infinity can customise the interface to meet your companies requirements. Our web maps can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, allowing for efficient collaboration across teams and borders.

Example of Australian Geology (click here)
Example of field data collection (click here)

These web maps can be organised into themes such as exploration, site disturbance tracking, proposed & existing mine and site infrastructure, heritage, water bore monitoring, safety, & etc, where users can simply access information that is most relevant to their specific needs for their project. Layers can be toggled on and off, query features, measurements taken, viewing of photographs, and even printing of customised web maps. We ensure that you maintain full control over the data by setting permissions for users based on their roles and responsibilities. Through our web map interface, data can be integrated from various disciplines, contractors, and third-parties, with GIS data viewed in relation to other layers, providing a single source of truth for spatial data and an effective collaboration tool for your organisation.

Mobile Field App for Field Use

Mergin Maps

There are some very good field collection apps available today. We prefer the Mergin Maps field data app for collecting field data as it works seamlessly with our cloud-based PostGIS database. Mergin Maps offers a wide range of features that promote efficient data collection, allowing us to create bespoke collection projects such as disturbance tracking, photos, and field observations. Once a project is set up, all necessary data such as capture methods and equipment, as well as base maps and imagery including air photography, are readily available as a download to your mobile device. As most phones and tablets come with built-in GPS, data captured on these devices can be synced automatically with the app when in range of mobile coverage or Wi-Fi, without requiring any extra steps. Once synced, the data can be easily viewed on a web map from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Hosting of Enterprise GIS System Stack

Putting it all together: Simplified Model of the GIS System Stack

Our partnership with a reputable third-party service provider based in Perth allows us to offer a state-of-the-art, Australia-based online GIS system. This is especially important for ASX-listed companies, where data security and backups are paramount. Our GIS system is hosted on cloud-based servers that are maintained by our partner and offer a range of support services including web servers, a spatially enabled PostgreSQL server (like SQL Server) known as PostGIS, a cloud file server, and a data collection server called Mergin Server. These technical services are part of the "GIS Stack" that supports our online GIS system, with the end user only needing to focus on the practical, user-facing features of the system. Overall, our collaboration with this third-party provider ensures that our clients can trust in a reliable, secure, and technologically advanced FOSS GIS system.

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