GIS Services

If you're in the mining and exploration industry and dealing with a variety of spatial data, then you already know about GIS. At Libertas Infinity, we've been utilising GIS in mining and exploration for many years and have experience using several commercial software and systems, including ArcGIS and MapInfo (Discover). We believe in being software agnostic and adapting to the most appropriate software for the job and can assist you with your spatial data requirements.

We also embrace the power of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). QGIS is a feature rich and powerful free GIS software and is fast becoming the GIS system of choice in all industries that deal with spatial data. 

Our professional GIS staff can assist your company with sourcing, compilation, and mapping of spatial data, as well as establishing systems to organise and manage your data for efficient and effective use. We also specialise in digitising of geology and other mapping to create topologically correct and attributed GIS datasets from historical data found in reports and field mapping.

At Libertas Infinity, we're committed to helping our clients overcome their GIS and spatial data challenges by providing them with quality services and expertise. 

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